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ASUKI Medi Spa offers medical aesthetic treatments and procedures provided by registered healthcare professionals. We focus on identifying an individualised and effective treatment plan, based on an your identified needs and realistic results. We do this through a comprehensive consultation process in which we work in partnership with our clients to recognise priorities and discuss realistic expectations.


We share the concept that you deserve to be comfortable and happy in the skin you're in, and can be certain that at Asuki, you will receive a friendly and approachable service that genuinely aspires to bring a smile to your face.

We are able to love and accept ourselves inside and out by being strong and confident by walking the path of our choosing, and not that of societal influence or norm x

(Sayeth us all!!)

Pamper Day

Our aim is to empower you to embrace your self-worth, confidence and life satisfaction, by identifying the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that effect your individual skin health and appearance, identifying the treatment options and products that can help to improve them.

VJW Holistic Health Spa

VJW Holistic Health is based in Asuki Medi Spa and offers Holistic therapies such as Aromatherapy massages, Relaxing facials, Hopi ear candles and Reflexology.

We also offer a range of beauty services such as gel nails, waxing and spray tanning.

Click on the link to find out more about membership or to book any of the treatments

Relaxing Candles
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